Student exchange 2023/2024

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Student exchange 2023/2024

Welcome to the international exchange application system at the University of Silesia in Katowice.






Erasmus+ is a European Union programme supporting educational exchange. It enables you to study and carry out an internship abroad.


Erasmus+ - the European Union's programme in the field of education and training for young people – to support students. The programme improves their competences. Among other things, the programme aims to ensure that all young people have access to education and placements of the highest quality, the programme is to allow students to move easily between education systems in different countries, and to give them the opportunity to find a job throughout Europe. Studies completed under Erasmus+ at a partner university abroad are equivalent to studies at the student's home university. It is possible to go on an Erasmus+ mobility more than once.

Application deadlines for studies:

  •   Winter semester: 15 June
  •   Summer semester: 30 November


Erasmus+ supports internships abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions in Programme Countries at bachelor and master level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates.

Application deadline for internships: ongoing


Recruitment in preparation

BIPs are short, intensive blended learning, teaching and training programmes, including online collaboration, for students and staff.


 Other mobility forms

The University of Silesia in Katowice carries out many types of mobility outside the Erasmus+ programme.


Recruitment in preparation

NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange) implements academic exchange programmes under bilateral agreements cooperation with, among others: Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Israel, Japan, Yemen, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Mexico, Mongolia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, Vietnam, Italy.


Recruitment in preparation

The main objective of the CEEPUS Agreement is to support academic exchange in the fields of education, student internships and professional development of academic staff. By providing funding for academic mobility, the agreement allows for increased cooperation between universities from different countries that are parties to the agreement.


Recruitment in preparation

This programme is offered through an open competition. All applications must be addressed by the UNESCO National Commission of the applicant's country. More information can be found on the UNESCO website:


These are agreements concluded for several years between at least two higher education institutions, regulating, among other things, the conditions of student exchange. The parties to the agreement agree on the detailed conditions for its implementation. A bilateral agreement may exempt the exchange participant from tuition fees at the foreign higher education institution and sometimes gives priority in the allocation of a place in a student residence. The specific financial conditions vary depending on the provisions of the specific agreement.

Application deadlines for studies:

  •   Winter semester: 15 June
  •   Summer semester: 30 November


Recruitment in preparation

This is an opportunity to complete part of the studies for a fee by individual arrangement.


Recruitment in preparation

"Transform4Europe - T4E: The European University for Knowledge Entrepreneurs" is a prestigious European university that the University of Silesia is creating together with faculty, doctoral students and students of: Saarland University (consortium leader), University of Alicante, Estonian Academy of Arts, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", University of Trieste and Vytautas Magnus University.


Double Degree is a study programme which allows students to study at two universities and obtain two academic qualifications issued by the partner universities.

Application deadlines for studies:

  •   Winter semester: 15 June
  •   Summer semester: 30 November


Joint degrees are high-quality and integrated study programmes developed and delivered through an international partnership of higher education institutions. They involve at least three higher education institutions from three different countries, of which at least two must be EU Member States and third countries associated with the Programme.

Application deadlines for studies:

  •   Winter semester: 15 June
  •   Summer semester: 30 November


Application requirements


To study/do an internship at the University of Silesia you need to fulfil one of the conditions:

  • be a student of a partner higher education institution which has a bilateral cooperation agreement with the University of Silesia, within a specific field of study,
  • present a decision on referral to study at the University of Silesia issued by an external organisation managing exchange programmes (e.g. NAWA, CEEPUS),
  • present a confirmation of acceptance for internship issued by the internship coordinator at the faculty where the internship is to be carried out.


In any case, the student's home university should send an official nomination to:, providing the following details:

  • student's full name,
  • student's e-mail address,
  • student's current field, level and year of study,
  • field and level of study within which the mobility will take place,
  • name of the host faculty where the mobility is to be carried out.


Application process


  1.   Create your personal account in the IRK system.
  2.   Select the appropriate type of mobility.
  3.   Fill in all the information required for the mobility.
      Some of the mobilities require e.g:
    •   Selection of the field of mobility,
    •   Sending the Learning Agreement via the EWP network,
    •   Uploading the Application Form signed and stamped by your home university (the document itself will be available for download after you have entered your answers to the questions in the application system).
  4.   Check the correctness of the completed data. The data from the recruitment system will be used to create your account in the university system, prepare your student identity card and provide you with the necessary information.
  5.   Confirm your enrolment application.


Once your application has been confirmed, the administration will verify the accuracy of your details and forward your application to the exchange coordinator.

Once your LA and Application Form have been approved, your details will be saved in the University Study-Oriented System and you will be given access to an account to apply for a place in student residence hall.




You are welcome to read our guide to online registration for international exchange.